Safety Agencies Certification

For years we have been helping our Customers get their product certified by safety agencies.

We know how to prepare the filing and how to deal with those agencies.
We have seen many companies “blindly” submit their product for certification just to find out only at the end of the testing, and at a great expense, that the product failed.

How does our approach minimize rejections?

We implement the following logical process: 

  • we identify the standard your product needs to be certified to (i.e UL-2161, etc).
  • we analyze your product/prototype in-house.
  • we report back to you or to your engineering team what we recommend
  • you then submit the product for certification. 

Sounds expensive?

Fortunately, its not if you consider the cost associated with retesting your product/prototype if the certification body failed it (agencies normally go thru the complete process of certification and only issue a report at the end) added to the costly delays in your product launching. We have caught minor issues (such as a missing warning statement) that could have potentially delayed the launching schedule by months! MAF is also experienced in dealing with these agencies, freeing you from the burden of follow up calls, documents preparation, etc.

The bottom line is that MAF helps minimize your time to market!


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