About MAF

Principal Bio Highlights

The founder and present President of MAF, Alberto Sid has over 30 years of experience with a varied, vast career of engineering tasks and companies management in diverse areas of R&D, manufacturing and safety for the electronics, software and electro-mechanical industry. During these years he has advanced from electronics design engineer to project manager, group leader, director of manufacturing and R&D and to executive vice-presidential technical positions, serving last as Executive VP and CTO of an Atlanta start-up company. He has played a key role helping two start-up companies successfully raise capital, develop a product line and ultimately go public.

He is the named inventor of thirteen US Patents.


How we work today

We work with you to provide you the best in engineering design and manufacturing support. We have the ability and experience to contemplate and help you avoid future problems in a broad spectrum of technical and non-technical issues. Once a program is awarded to us we begin the process of meeting your needs by identifying and allocating the necessary resources with one goal in mind: deliver you a solid, cost conscious design, in time and within budget.

If you have an existing troubled design, or contemplating a new program, give us a call! We don’t charge to sit down and discuss your requirements. Once we know what you need, we can generate a proposal.