About MAF


MAF Technologies was founded in 1999, based on a strong background of research & development, manufacturing and custom designs across multiple fields. With expertise in electronics, software and electro-mechanical development, MAF has a proven successful track record of hundreds of designs utilizing a variety of technologies.

MAF boasts both domestic, US-based manufacturing capabilities as well as overseas, including mainland China. Our innovative designs have helped secure over 20 patents for both MAF Technologies, as well as our clients. As a Microchip Design Partner, MAF Technologies is capable of a wide variety of design solutions to best fit the specific project at hand.

At MAF we are constantly striving to improve the quality of our products and services, in order to help our customers push the boundaries of their ideas.


How we work today

We work with you to provide you the best in engineering design and manufacturing support. We have the ability and experience to contemplate and help you avoid future problems in a broad spectrum of technical and non-technical issues. Once a program is awarded to us we begin the process of meeting your needs by identifying and allocating the necessary resources with one goal in mind: deliver you a solid, cost conscious design, in time and within budget.

If you have an existing troubled design, or contemplating a new program, give us a call! We don’t charge to sit down and discuss your requirements. Once we know what you need, we can generate a proposal.